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Bruges – Belgium a city with several centuries of experience in the taste business.  We offer not only chocolate, but also great beer, meets, fresh fish, great gastronomy. 

Whilst discovering this great city, you get to combine all gastronomical assets of the great Flemish culture.  Sit back, relax and enjoy.

Chocolate and beer: Our home beer-sommelier and chocolate lover Guido Vandenbussche shows you some of the best Belgian beers and how they pair them with our world renowned chocolates.

Discover some of the best chocolatiers in Bruges:  Let us entertain you!  A guide will show you the city of Bruges and, more importantly, where to find some hidden chocolate gems.  Not to be missed..

Gastronomical dinner: Not only is Bruges the city of chocolate and beers, but did you know that it is home the some of the best restaurants in the world?  You will experience a great evening in a superb restaurant.