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Tomorrow’s consumer wants to benefit from all the good things of chocolate, but wants low sugar and low fat product.  How will this influence taste and how can you, as a top chocolatier, bring great taste to low calorie chocolate? Our dietitians team up with the chocolatiers and will open a world filled with opportunities for you. You will be ready for tomorrow.

Panning and enrobing: Michel Eyckerman has been experimenting and fine tuning his technique for panning and enrobing.  He will teach you how to get the best results and he will show you the future of chocolate

Healthy Chocolate:  sugar values and nutritional values are of great importance for tomorrow's consumer.  As a chocolatier you need to be prepared and anticipate this.  Our team of specialists will teach you how to make it work!

Profit sharing: What if the production of cocoa beans stops one day?  Jeroen Maeschalck shares some ideas on how this can be prevented.