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Some of the most difficult techniques are actually quite simple if taught properly.  Our topnotch chocolatiers are joining forces with the best scientists in the world of chocolate to teach you how to apply these techniques.  You will create more stable ganaches, learn how the art of fermentation influences the final taste of chocolate and how you can avoid fat- and sugarbloom.  Get ready for a rollercoaster of new techniques… they will help you for the rest of your career!

Ganaches: How to improve the shelf life of your chocolate?  This workshop is a unique partnership with Cacaolab Gent. 

Fermentation: The Belcolade team shows you the different assets of a proper fermentation process

Fat And Sugar bloom:  Belcolade team and Cacaolab are combining forces in this unique workshop about 2 of the most common problems in chocolate making.  Get ready to find out the solution!

Shelf life and tempering: Top chocolatier Michel Eyckerman shows how the secret of good crystallization and the impact this has on the shelf life of your chocolates.