Specialised masterclasses

2-3 November 2020

How about a two day masterclass with Michel Eyckerman and Jeffrey De Weyer? Michel and Jeffrey, who have been working for Belcolade for many years now, help you get your chocolate technique skills to a higher, professional level. Panning, moulding and enrobing: these are the 3 elements they will discuss during the course.

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4-6 November 2020

During the Inspirational Week in June 2021, Stéphane Leroux gives a one day chocolate sculpture masterclass. But let's be honest ... To learn everything Stéphane can tell you about chocolate sculpturing, you need more than just 1 day! So we figured out you might like this brand new, intense, three day masterclass course in November 2020. During this three day course, every participant works towards a personal, high level, chocolate sculpture piece. When Stéphane looks over your shoulder to help you out, nothing can go wrong.

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Masterclasses 2021

Inspirational week of 2020: 31st May 2021 – 4th June 2021

Monday 31 May: Cocoa all the way

Visit of Choco-Story in Brussels and welcome by Syntra West and Mr. Eddy Van Belle.
Theoretical session about cocoa journey and cacao trace 
Workshop bean to bar by Sylvestre Awono
Calm evening dinner at Aux Armes de Bruxelles
Stay at hotel Marivaux in Brussels

Tuesday 1 June: Experiment

Visit of Belcolade factory in Groot-Bijgaarden with workshop ‘chocolate tasting’ by Julien Simonis
Visit of Cacaolab in Ghent with theoretical sessions about ‘fat and sugar bloom, shelf life and tempering’ by Claudia Delbaere and Koen Dewettinck
‘Chocolate and gastronomy’ themed evening dinner by Ter Groene Poorte
Check in at hotel De Medici in Bruges, our hotel for the rest of the week

Wednesday 2 June: Rock it

Thursday 3 June: Cutting edge

Friday 4 June: One more time

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